The freelance life

Sometimes I feel so lucky to be working for myself. There’s no one to answer to, just my own internal voice saying: “you’d better press on with that job,” or, “you’d better get networking and find some new clients,” or, “time to do your paperwork or the taxman will be after you”.

I’ve had some really interesting jobs recently. That’s one of the great things about freelancing as assignments can be so varied. I’ve edited a non-fiction book about the two World Wars, I’ve written a crisis plan and some news releases, I’ve edited a book of fiction, I’ve proofread part of a thesis, I’ve written copy for a website and also created a bit of editorial for a magazine.

And, if I want to give myself the day off, I can. If I want to go on holiday, I don’t have to fit in with an office full of other people. As long as I can juggle the work around my break then I can suit myself. On the other hand, without colleagues, it could be a lonely sort of existence but I meet up for coffee with friends when I can and catch up with other self-employed people I know. We help each other out with advice and knowledge.

There is a downside – waiting for people to pay you. When you are employed, the money you earn should regularly drop into your bank account. When you are self-employed, you have to invoice clients and hope they remember to pay you. And, paid holidays? What are those? I don’t think I’m ever going to get rich freelancing but just right now I feel very fortunate. Just as long as those assignments keep rolling in …



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