That children’s novel

magicattic2In my last post on this blog in January, I set out a few of my plans. One of them was to self publish my children’s novel. Frankly it had got embarrassing. I worked out that I’d been writing this novel for around 18 years. It has had a couple of long spells in a cupboard and then more recently, it has sat on the top of a filing cabinet.

If I am honest, I think the thing that was preventing me from trying to publish it was fear. It was a fear that people would read it and think it was rubbish. I though that might reflect badly on my day job. But, I decided to grasp the nettle and I finally published it as an e-book on Amazon about 10 days ago.

My daughter Fran, who is a brilliant illustrator in her spare time, did the cover for me.

So far, the response to my book has been great. And guess what? I have already started the sequel.  I once read a book  called Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, so I’ve recently taken that on board and decided that it is my new mantra. Onwards and upwards!

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